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august, 2019

Lower Limb Preventive Training Program Best Practice and ImplementationEBP Home Study Course


Event Details

Please be advised that all continuing education courses offered through the AT-PBRN will close on December 17, 2021 at 8pm ET. If you are interested in completing a course for the 20-21 BOC reporting cycle, please be sure to do so before this date. Additionally, the AT-PBRN team will be unavailable to assist with CEU certificate issues from December 17, 2021 through January 10, 2022. Any and all requests and issues will be resolved when we return on Monday, January 10, 2022. To submit a request regarding a missing CEU certificate, please click here: AT-PBRN CEU Certificate Request


Although injury prevention is a domain for athletic trainers (ATs), implementation science is a burgeoning area and many ATs may not have had specific education on preventive training program (PTP) implementation. This course aims to describe the most recent evidence on the benefits PTPs have on athlete injury risk, injury rate and sport performance. Additionally, ATs may not have the time to run PTPs every single day in their clinical setting. Coaches, particularly at the high school level do not utilize PTPs.  ATs can train coaches to effectively implement PTPs with their athletes, however ATs may not have background on the most effective strategies to train coaches. This course will present a framework that ATs can use to begin the PTP implementation process within their own settings.

The specific objectives for this course include the development of the participant’s ability to:

  1. Discuss the current state of evidence for preventive training programs (PTPs)
  2. Describe the 7-steps for successful PTP design and development
  3. Prepare strategies for PTP implementation in different sport-specific or setting-specific scenarios, including but not limited to, youth sport, girls’ basketball, and the military.

According to the education levels described by the PDC, this continuing education course is considered to be Essential Level, and is appropriate for all athletic trainers.


(1.0 EBP CEUs – FREE)

Course Instructor:
Haley Root, PhD, ATC
(this instructor reports no financial or non-financial disclosures)


Year Around Event (2019)


Online course


Continuing Education - Athletic TrainingCailee Bacon Email: OR Kaylynn Murphy Email:

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