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january, 1970

Evidence-Based Practice in Athletic TrainingEBP Home Study Course


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This course provides an overview of evidence-based practice and is designed to enable the athletic trainer’s clinical decision-making process in a manner that integrates clinical experience, patient values, and the best available evidence. This course will assist in providing the athletic trainer with strategies to enable them to search and appraise the evidence in a more succinct and timely manner, that will promote better patient care.

This course aims to cover the following objectives, which will be presented in six individual online modules:
1. Describe the role of evidence-based practice in health care
2. Identify strategies to efficiently search the literature
3. Describe common concepts that are assessed during critical appraisal of published research studies
4. Evaluate the levels of evidence or strength of recommendation of research articles
5. Discuss the integration of the best available evidence into clinical practice
6. Appreciate patient values with respect to clinical decision-making

Please note that following the first three modules, you will be asked to answer 12 knowledge questions about the content presented in the modules. Then, after viewing the last three modules, you will be asked to answer 13 knowledge questions about the content presented in those modules. Additionally, be sure to view each module in its entirety. It is recommended to take notes as you will not be permitted to return to a module once you have proceeded forward.

** This EBP home study course will take approximately 3.0 hours to complete **

To receive 3.0 EBP CEUs for this home study course, you must receive at least a 70% on the knowledge assessment. Following the completion of the course and knowledge assessment, you will receive an email from the AT-PBRN informing you of your score as well as your EBP CEU certificate, if warranted. Please note it may take 4-5 days to receive this email.

If you have any questions at any point throughout the home study course, please contact the AT-PBRN using the following link: Contact the AT-PBRN


Year Around Event (1970)


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