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ATSU Continuing Education

january, 1970

Dental Ethics


Event Details

Date/Time:      All day, every day

Audience:        All Dental Health Professionals

Format:           Web-based PowerPoint

CE Credit:      2 credits

Tuition:           $50

Instructor:      Don Altman, DDS, DHSc, EdD, MPH, MBA, MA

Course Description:

This online, narrated course provides the dental professional with a comprehensive overview of ethics terminology, a model for ethical decision-making, and a discussion regarding sexual boundaries in the dental setting. A complementary course to Clinical Dentistry and Ethics, the dental practitioner will learn how to avoid and resolve ethical dilemmas in their own practice through use of case studies and application of common sense guidelines.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the definition of ‘profession’ and aspects of professionalism.
  2. Describe the difference between morals and ethics.
  3. Define common terminology related to ethics.
  4. Describe challenges related to ethical dilemmas.
  5. Apply a model for ethical decision-making to a dental dilemma.
  6. Explain professional responsibilities towards incompetent, dishonest, or impaired colleagues.
  7. Explain the importance of Professional Boundaries.
  8. Describe the spectrum of Professional Boundaries.
  9. Define sexual misconduct.
  10. Explain the concept and scope of Social Justice.

This course may be used toward fulfillment of continuing dental education and renewal requirements of Arizona Administrative Code R4-11-1203 and R4-11-1204 for ethics and Arizona dental jurisprudence instruction.

Dr. Altman is Dean of the College of Graduate Health Studies at A.T. Still University. Dr. Altman has not declared an financial conflicts of interest related to this course.

This course is hosted on the website of the World Continuing Education Alliance. Payments and registration are completed through WCEA. Course refund and cancellation policies are provided at the time of registration.

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